April 30, 2020


The animation is the replication of the movement, which has get produced by displaying the collection of some frames or images or even a series of pictures. Each and every image in the group especially shows the small change, which offers the illusion of movement when the entire series gets viewed rapidly. This delivers the dynamic look and exceptional feel for the users when used for numerous entertainment purposes. This considers as one of the most precise and developing forms of art and a dynamic source of imparting education. The applications performed are quickly enhancing along with advancement in technology.

Types of Animation

Basically, Animation is nothing more than the optical illusion. Basically, this is a specific way of tricking your eyes into thinking that lots of static pictures are one moving image. The fundamental techniques and procedures are the same for all animation. And because of the extensive range of applications, the animators are entirely high in demands. So, if you also have a love for animation, then learning more about the different types of animation will be ideal.

Simple animations

There were some of the early forms of animated pictures even before the films, which were known as simple animations. The zoetrope, for instance, is the wheel along with the bunch of static images to move while spinning the wheels. When you talk about simple animation, flipbook animation is one of them. It makes the optical illusion when the pages of the books quickly flipped. Whereas both of these do not require a camera, object animation, as well as chuckimation(chuck animation), involve filming natural inanimate objects like Lego or even action figures, and then animating it using the stop-motion or off-camera hand-movement.

Traditional animation

The traditional animation is sometimes called the Cel animation or hand-drawn animation. This is the most prevalent form of animation. The cells are basically celluloid plastic sheets, which are very clear and transparent on which variety of backgrounds or other cells can get easily laid. In this animation, the frames get fixed on the celluloid plastic sheets and then merely played back speedily so as to offer the illusion of the movement. Lots of popular television shows like Spider-Man, Family Guy, and The Simpsons have used this kind of animation. Basically, this specific technique was incredibly famous in the late 80s and 90s.

Computer Animation

The computer technology has revolutionized this animation world. This type of animation contains an extensive range of techniques. Basically, this is more controllable and extremely faster than the computer animation and traditional animation. It comes in two major types such as 2D animation and 3D animation.

  • Digital 2D: 2D was quite popular few years back. The animators make this type of animation using computer programs like After Effects, Flash, Cel Action and TV Paint. All these programs have to change the levels of intricacy. Just as in the traditional animation, 2D animation can utilize various layers to build up the pictures. It can show anything from landscapes and background to multiple characters and crowds. But due to lack of depth, digital 2D animation is not used for artistic purposes anymore. But some of the animators out there use this in several desktop publishing and advertising. This is also a basis of a lot of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that you use each and every day containing Mac OS and Microsoft Windows.
  • Digital 3D: Digital 3D animation is extremely popular amongst people, and the animators use it more than 2D animation. People love to use this animation because of more depth. Basically, an animator makes a very simple version for the digital character and then using the 3D animation, they build up from this with digital skin, muscles, hair, pores, etc. The animator will utilize the keyframing to set Avar’s position, only as they would in the traditional animation. But the animators do not do it on each and every frame, but they always maintain the proper gap between two frames to put the animation and then create the full animation. The digital animation is exceptionally realistic, and the animators are artistically skilled in making a character.
  • Motion graphics: The visual effect technique involves the moving graphic elements like the logos or text, mostly using some popular software such as After Effects. In the Digital 3D, there is also a feature that is called motion capture. This method uses in films and TV shows as well. It makes the entire 3D digital animation s life-like as possible. When actor films doing speaking, actions or even acting fill scenes, the particular sensors on the face and body are merely “captured” by the film camera. And then it gets translated into the digital character, which is controllable by the animator.

Stop motion

Stop motion is the time-consuming but simple form of animation where the objects get manipulated physically, and they also get filmed frame by frame.  The stop-motion comes in numerous ways: Object animation, as well as pixlation, can use the stop-motion method without specialist equipment, but particular stop-motion models have often get used for the special effects in live-action films.

There are lots of forms of stop motions available to create physical objects. In previous years, the animators used the cut-out animation, where all the flat pictures are cut out of fabric or paper and then animated. These puppets often have tons of interchangeable heads to make realistic facial expressions and lip-movement.

The animation is such an extensive and versatile subject; there are infinite routes that you can go into. A lot of people out there want to be a famous animator, and for all those aspiring animators, stop-motion animation can be such a beautiful medium to create art on their own terms. The stop-motion has their flavor that cannot get reproduced in any other medium. And these are quite a labor intensive like the traditional animation or cel animation. In addition to that, knowing and learning the stop-motion can also unlock the more profound appreciation for 3D animation and visual effects.

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